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Offer personalized video messages to sport fans worldwide!
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Offer Personalized Videos to Sport Fans

With AthleteFC, sport organizations and their athletes can offer personalized video messages to fans!

Simple Request Functionality

Athletes of your sport organization can now accept requests for personalized video message from fans! With our customizable solution, your athletes can connect with fans in memorable ways!

API Integrations Directly to Fan Shops

Our solution integrates seamlessly into your fan shop so that fans can add a personalized video to their shopping cart!

“Michael brings his passion, personal experiences, and "yes you can" mentoring to a session. [...] He offers safe, action-oriented steps for one's mind and body that are bespoken and spot-on for things that work.”

Dave F.
United States

"Goals that were previously lofty feel tangible after hearing, and relating to their experiences in the sport, and getting a real understanding of ‘what it takes’. [...] I would recommend aspiring and seasoned athletes to learn from the best through AthleteFC."

Erik B.

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AthleteFC is the trusted platform used by athletes across the globe looking to learn from world-class athletes.