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Our Team

Julian Abuzeni

Julian is a retired rower from the Swedish National Team and one of the co-founders of AthleteFC.

Hugo Nerud

Hugo is a current elite rower for the Swedish national team with aspirations to qualify for the Olympics.

Michael Brake

Michael is a retired Olympian from New Zealand apart of the Men's 8+ that won Olympic Gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“Michael brings his passion, personal experiences, and "yes you can" mentoring to a session. [...] He offers safe, action-oriented steps for one's mind and body that are bespoken and spot-on for things that work.”

Dave F.
United States

"Goals that were previously lofty feel tangible after hearing, and relating to their experiences in the sport, and getting a real understanding of ‘what it takes’. [...] I would recommend aspiring and seasoned athletes to learn from the best through AthleteFC."

Erik B.

Testimonials from the AthleteFC Community

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