How It Works

AthleteFC offers sports organizations a user-friendly, secure platform to create meaningful one-to-one and one-to-many athlete videos, strengthening the bond between athletes and fans. By enhancing these connections, your engagement strategies become more impactful, leading to stronger call-to-actions (CTAs), increased e-commerce sales, and higher match attendance, while also providing exclusive digital advertising space for sponsors.

Easy, Streamlined Recording Experience

Athletes can effortlessly create AthleteShouts that directly reach fans, fostering genuine interactions that deepen the connections between them.

Digital Advertising Space

Maximize the value of your digital advertising space by connecting sponsors with a highly engaged audience, significantly boosting their brand exposure and fan connection.

Fan Engagement Campaigns

Use our streamlined system to send AthleteShouts for any occasion, from birthday celebrations to exclusive offers and promotions. Integrate these videos seamlessly into your customizable email templates, creating memorable experiences that resonate with fans.

Step-by-Step Process


Admin Requests AthleteShouts

Admins initiate requests for AthleteShouts, specifying whether the videos are one-to-one messages for individual fans or one-to-many messages for broader audiences, such as ticket purchasers or specific demographics.

Athletes Record AthleteShouts

Athletes respond by recording the requested videos, crafting unique messages that engage and connect with fans. Each video is then uploaded for review.


Approval, Rendering and Sharing

Upon approval, videos are branded with your organization’s branding and sent using our streamlined system and customizable email templates. AthleteShouts reach individual fans and broader audiences, enhancing engagement and marketing efforts.

Ready to Experience the Game-Changing Impact of AthleteFC?

Join us and discover how AthleteFC can transform your fan interactions. Integrate exclusive, athlete-generated videos into your campaigns to create unforgettable fan experiences, boost engagement, and inspire action. Connect with your fans like never before and build stronger, more meaningful relationships.