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We're a Team of Current and ex-National Team Athletes

At AthleteFC, we are dedicated to deepening the connection between athletes and fans. Our mission is to elevate fan experiences through exclusive, user-generated videos, fostering authentic and lasting relationships that go beyond the game.

Julian Abuzeni

Julian, co-founder of AthleteFC, brings a wealth of athletic experience and a deep understanding of marketing and digital innovation. As a former member of the Swedish National Team, rowing alongside his co-founder Hugo, Julian's passion for sports and business drives AthleteFC's mission to connect and empower athletes and fans globally.

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Hugo Nerud

Hugo, also a co-founder of AthleteFC, combines his elite athletic background and legal expertise to shape the tool's capabilities. A devoted rower on the Swedish National Team and current law student, Hugo's unwavering dedication and strategic insights fuel AthleteFC's commitment to revolutionizing fan engagement and elevating the fan experience in the world of sports.

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Why did we start AthleteFC?

AthleteFC was Founded in 2021

Founded in 2021 by Hugo and Julian, former members of the Swedish National Team who rowed together in 2020, AthleteFC was created to connect elite athletes with youth athletes for knowledge sharing and digital coaching. The overwhelming interest from supporters and fans inspired a pivotal shift, transforming the platform into a scalable and user-friendly fan engagement solution that strengthens connections between sports organizations, athletes, fans, and sponsors worldwide.

Ready to Experience the Game-Changing Impact of AthleteFC?

Join us and discover how AthleteFC can transform your fan interactions. Integrate exclusive, user-generated videos into your loyalty-building campaigns to create unforgettable fan experiences, boost engagement, and inspire action. Connect with your fans like never before and build stronger, more meaningful relationships.